Almost everyone on social media these days, tweeting, liking, sharing, favouriting, connecting, etc. You know the score! But is everyone using it to its full potential? We’re not so sure. Every time you log on to Twitter there is potential to gain new clients, and get your brand name out there. The opportunity on social media platforms is limitless; it’s not just for retweeting and sharing those funny videos!

Promotional hour Twitter accounts are a brilliant place to start as they are as simple as using a #hashtag. Anything inspiring or relevant you Tweet, just add your local hashtag on the end (we use #NorthwestHour and #ManchesterHour – our local areas) and reach more of your target audience instantly – which are all potential leads. The effectiveness of a hashtag is amazing. If your marketing budget is a little bigger, another great way to get your name out there is Facebook advertising. Their promotional campaign service is brilliant as you can set your own budget limit, so no scary bills at the end of the month.

Social media is one of the most cost effective and speedy ways to market your business, and in theory, it can be done from the comfort of your sofa! Writing one Tweet could take around three minutes (if that), but could gain you three new leads for your business. Whether your social network of choice is Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn, they can all benefit your business through just a symbol and a click!