A businesses website creates the biggest first impression on any potential clients. Before they even make contact with any members of staff, it’s likely they will take a look at your website first to get an idea of what your business is like, what it does and what it offers. So, if your website is dull, boring, or poorly put together, they might not even get to a point of contact with your staff. This is why it is essential that your website portrays everything you want it to about your business from branding, to priorities and what you offer. Even the best businesses won’t gain new clients online if their website doesn’t match the standard of service that they offer.

It is so important to identify your businesses key services, priorities, messages you wish to convey, and brand identity, in order to create a website that reflects what your business is about. The theme and colour scheme used on your website is just as important as your standard of copy and tone of voice when it comes to attracting new clients from your target audience.

A huge part of building a successful website comes from behind the scenes too. Search engine optimisation is essential to draw traffic to your website, which is done through the use of key words that reflect your business. Without this, your website could look world class, but be sitting on page 15 of a google search – which is not what you want. If people can’t find your website, it’s useless. Getting the right balance of aesthetics, copy and SEO is the perfect combination when it comes to creating the best website possible. If you get these 3 magic ingredients right – there’s no going wrong.