Copywriting isn’t just about putting words together, it is much much more than that. Copywriting has the power to attract, interest and compel your audience from the title and word of the very first sentence. It’s how the sentences are put together that determines how successful your writing can be. If a piece of text is persuasive and influential, it can be the difference between a customer buying your product or service, going to an alternative competitor or losing interest altogether.

So how important is copywriting? At MiniMe Marketing, we say very! Those mere combinations of letters on a page can have a dramatic impact on your business. Take the intro copy on your businesses website, for example; too short and you come across as lazy, too long and you could be waffling. You have just one paragraph to immediately capture the attention of your potential customer. However without this at all, interest will be lost and therefore so will business – starting to see the pattern? Poor copywriting could equal poor business performance.

Copywriting is almost everywhere. Everywhere you look and every piece of text you read, a long thought process will have gone into ensuring that it works to its highest potential whether that is to persuade or inform. So where will you find copywriting? Well it isn’t just in press releases and web page content! You can find it in a wide range of places such as; brochures, direct mail, billboards, TV or radio scripts, catalogues, social media content (yes, your Tweets do class as copywriting!), sales letters and even jingle lyrics! That should hopefully it into perspective, but if not, give us a call to see how we could work on a copywriting project to show you how. We never underestimate the power of words as they can make or break a business!