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MiniMe Marketing makes shortlist at prestigious E3 Awards

Warrington based MiniMe Marketing & PR Consultancy have been selected as finalists at the ever-competitive E3 Awards, which celebrate diversity and achievement within the North-West business community.

Held annually since 2013, the E3 Awards are now in their fifth year, and MiniMe Marketing have made it to the final four in the Digital, Creative & Media Award amongst hundreds of entries. This award in particular was looking for modern, forward-looking professionals who are delivering notable commercial success, so to be selected as finalists has been a great achievement for the MiniMe team.

This year it has been highlighted by 1EM Managing Director Mubarak Chati that the quality of the nominations was outstanding, and the Nominations Panel had an extremely challenging time selecting the finalists. In addition, the total number of nominations was 18% higher than last year, with a staggering 100+ entries in the last 48 hours alone.

It has been a successful 12 months for MiniMe Marketing, from expanding their partnership with UK franchise Jasper’s Catering to work with 4 branches across the nation, to playing a key part in an extensive marketing campaign to prevent the closure of London based Club 414.

The MiniMe team will now go through an interview process before winners are announced at the E3 Business Awards Dinner, which will take place on Thursday 13th July at the Macron Stadium in Bolton.

Commenting on their success so far, Owner Rina Bharath said:

We are so pleased to have made it this far in such a prestigious North West awards, particularly in a category specific to our industry. It has been a great start to 2017 for MiniMe Marketing, especially with having a new addition to the team and we have our fingers crossed for the ceremony!”


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Is targeted marketing an impossible task?

Here at MiniMe Marketing we help clients maximise their reach by using methods of targeted marketing. Although some activities used are similar to that of mass marketing, we feel that targeting a specific audience helps a business to maximise how many existing and new customers they can reach. We have made a short list that can hopefully make it easier for you to reach a targeted market while still using a mass marketing approach.

It is arguable that mass marketing is impossible, due to the ever-changing world of digital technology, and previous methods becoming outdated quicker than they can be replaced. It seems to be getting more and more difficult to increase the size of your audience and reach the audience you currently have. Although the internet is probably the best place to market your company, with people checking their phone on average 157 times a day and over 40% of the world’s population using the internet, it is easy to get left in the dark if you don’t keep up with on-going online trends.


  • Increase exposure with social buttons – If you are active on a variety of social media platforms, you might be restricting your audience by not showing this on your website. Gain a bigger audience by advertising your activity on different social media sites in plain sight on your homepage and through live feeds.


  • Reduce information overload! –An information overload can result in people being more likely to forget what they’ve read. Simplistic, jargon free content is inviting to the reader and the use of images and videos alongside pieces of writing will keep people interested and possibly attract a new audience to your company.


  • Post new content regularly – Posting new content online not only keeps your existing audience updated, but can bring your company to the attention of new users. Consistent updates ether it’s blog posts, news or social media can result in putting your company at the top of some search engines and social media recommended menus and increase user traffic.


  • Make subscribing easy – Emails are a great way to keep existing clients up to date with your company, so you should make it as easy as possible for new users to subscribe to your email listing. Keep your subscription form simple and accessible.


  • Be geographic or sector specific – Use geographic or sector specific hashtag hours on your social media. For example, if your business is based in Manchester you can use the twitter hashtag “#ManchesterHour”. This is then browsed upon by other business owners on a Thursday between 8-9pm.


  • Incentivise word of mouth recommendations – Sometimes the easiest way to advertise is through your existing clientele, try offering an incentive like a discount offer for any existing customers who get a new customer to come to your business, or even just get your customers to write a testimonial that you can share.


It might be impossible to market your company to the entire planet, but keeping your existing audience and gaining a larger following isn’t! We hope that this short list of tips helps you market your company to its full potential, but if you need any more help with marketing, don’t hesitate to call us on 01925 693651.


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How to create brand identity using Instagram

What is a brand identity? Creating a brand identity isn’t the easiest task when it comes to marketing your company, however it is one of most beneficial things you can do when it comes to your online presence. One social media platform that is currently gaining thousands of new users every day is Instagram, and you can use this increased audience to your advantage if you know how to optimise it for your benefit.

Instagram is a social media platform just like Facebook or Twitter, but is directly driven by using image posts instead of text-based posts. This simplifies the posts that users can upload, and can be a refreshing change of content for both your company and audience. The vital step that people often miss, is considering a consistent theme throughout your Instagram posts. Although it seems simple, the use of consistent colour schemes, watermarks and font-base can have a huge impact on what people think when they view your posts. For example, MiniMe Marketing would create a strong brand identity by using our logo and colour scheme, or using the logo as a watermark on each image. Soon enough people will begin to recognise your posts via this theme, and eventually have an image of your company in their minds. A good example of strong brand identity through Instagram is Coca Cola; using their house colour and original font base in 90% of their posts seems like common sense, however viewers will think back to the Coca Cola posts they’ve seen anytime they see a similar colour or font.

Another valuable point of marketing through Instagram, is a set of key features that are easily accessible to all the social media’s users. Hashtags play a great part when posting on Instagram, providing users a way to describe their image as well as looking at other posts with similar content. Hashtags can be used in both informal and formal manors, you can use them to describe what is in the image, or you can upload a post with business specific hashtags, for example; #B2BHour, or #ManchesterHour. Like Twitter, a lot of users will search specific hashtags to get exactly what they are looking for, however Instagram won’t limit the number of hashtags you can add to a post, therefore you can increase the number of users your content will reach.

Instagram will also let you create a business account instead of a personal account, which is a new feature. The accounts both work in the same way when it comes to posting content, however a business account will let you add a direct link, a direct contact from the app, and even allow you to sell products directly through the platform. This will make visiting your site and contacting you directly a lot more accessible and in turn should increase the scale of your audience, in addition to any potential leads.

The idea of an image driven social media platform was introduced by Instagram, but now more and more social media sites are introducing image based content, simply because it is so easy to take photo’s whenever and wherever we are and upload them within a matter of seconds and most people prefer to look and watch rather than read!

Following these simple steps, can be a great benefit to your company’s social media presence and can eventually build up a strong brand identity. Don’t forget to use a consistent theme, app specific features, and a business account to make it as simple as possible for people to get on board with your company! We hope this blog gets you on your way to utilising Instagram for your business, but if you need any further help with social media marketing, give us a call on 01925 693651.

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Digital marketing techniques you can implement in 2017 that won’t break the bank.

Many of you will be looking to better your business in some way or another in 2017. Marketing is essential to improving your business, so we’re going to help you – with a series of blogs that will help you identify ways that you can implement simple marketing techniques, without putting a hole in your pocket. So, without further ado, check out our first 3 top tips for improving your digital marketing efforts!


Facebook advertising

Facebook allows you to spend as little as £3 on advertising, but even with this small budget, you can reach thousands of people that match incredibly specific criteria. Unlike AdWords, Facebook ads are targeted to the users specific interests rather than words that they’re searching for, which means the target audience you have access to when you set up your criteria is really impressive. For example, you could search for people who are have pets and regularly buy online, or for users between the ages of 18-20 that are interested in health and fitness. This targeting feature is what makes Facebook advertising really worth while.


Blog more!

This is a great one. Why? Because it’s free! Obviously it will cost you your time, but it’s a great marketing technique that can make a big difference. You may think that writing blogs is useless, because it doesn’t get you any leads or sales, or not directly at least. But that’s where you’re wrong! Think of it this way, would you just ask a stranger off the street to marry you without knowing who they are and what they’re about? No, you get to know them first. This is very much the same way that getting to know your target audience works, or at least letting them get to know you. If you’re reaching out, and offering useful help and advice in the form of blogs, they will really get to know about your expertise, and will start to trust you, thus building in customer relationships and resulting in sales. So be that useful source of information that your target audience look to, and write with them in mind.


Publish posts on LinkedIn

If you’re taking our last tip into consideration, go that little step further and publish your blogs on LinkedIn as well as on your website. It’s a simple copy and paste job, but many more people will see your article this way. Each time you post a blog, your connections will get a notification that you’ve published an article, meaning more people will read it, which may just be the prompt some people need to get in touch.


So there you have it, 3 steps you can take now to improve your marketing techniques and overall improve business performance. Don’t forget, this is the first of more to come – so keep your eyes out for the next blog coming at the end of January with more digital marketing hints and tips, and if you need our support in implementing the above, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team on 01925 963 651.

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How to Create Content That Converts

If you’re working hard to produce good, useful content for your audience, you’ve got your name out there on social media and your website traffic is growing, but no one is buying your products or services, you’ve got to ask yourself – why?

Your good content is pointless if you’re not generating any leads from it. If you want to create content that’s worth your while, and actually converts, you need to know your audience, and fully engage them with your content.

The success of your business is based upon how you meet the needs of your target audience. If you can do this effectively then you will succeed, as long as you have good content. Any business strategy must start with your audience, and end with your audience, and this should be no different when you write your content. You should always bare your customers in mind. Many people who market their business make the mistake of creating content for themselves, almost. For example, we could write about the art of writing, but this would not get us any new clients, nor would it engage any existing ones. However, our clients are interested in how we can help them, and how they could grow their business; hence this blog!

Get to Know Your Audience.
But to be able to write content for your audience, you’ve got to know a sufficient amount of information about them.

  • What makes them happy?
  • What are their needs?
  • What are their values?
  • What are their preferences?

But how can you learn these things about your clients? There are a number of ways you could do this. You can look at forums relevant to your niche, create a survey on your website and invite your visitors to fill it out, attend events that are relevant to you, do anything that you can to really get to know your audience.

Build Strong Working Relationships on Social Media.
In order to ensure that your content converts, you must build a relationship with your customers on social media. Target the followers that are relevant to you, send them a message when they follow you, thank them for following you, and offer them your advice. Try to keep your relationship with your audience alive by liking their content and engaging with them regularly. You need to include social proof on social media, so include testimonials. Tell your followers how you’ve helped others with your services, and why you’re better than others businesses like yours. When you’re providing your followers with good content and advice regularly, you’re helping them out a lot, so it’s okay to ask for a sale on social media. Ensure that you always include a call to action in your content, otherwise it is not going to convert to a phone call or an email. And finally, ensure that you have a list of FAQ’s with answers to possible questions that they could ask if they do call you. Don’t be put on the spot, make sure that you’re prepared to convert your callers 24/7!

The more relevant and useful the information that your feeding through to your audience, the more engaged and hungry they will be, and more importantly, the more they will trust you. Pick interesting topics that are going to help your audience, after doing your research you should have a clear idea of what their needs are, and you need to focus on how you can fulfil them.

So there you have it, we hope that this has given you all that you need to produce better content for your clients, that actually converts. Don’t forget, be familiar, be useful, be honest. If you need any help with writing content, whether it be for emails, social media or even for your website, MiniMe Marketing can help. Get in touch today.

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Spring Clean – Be Mobile

So, we’ve looked at decluttering your website, website performances and call to actions. What goodies could we possibly have left for you? Well in this blog, we’re looking at being mobile, and what that means for your business.

A bog standard website doesn’t cut it in today’s internet-obsessed world. Mobile browsing took over desktop in around 2013, with a whopping 80% of internet users owning a smart phone and one third of people world-wide using their mobiles to browse the web! Your website needs to be fully responsive so that anyone visiting can do so easily on the go. Arguably, mobile-friendly websites are more important now than desktop versions, as people are using their phones or tablets a lot more than computers to browse the web than before. If your site is not mobile-friendly, you’re likely losing revenue opportunities, businesses that don’t accept mobile payments could be losing out on a whole lot of profit.

Mobile marketing is possibly the most effective form of marketing you can do. It’s so much more personal. The majority of us have our phones on us 24/7, and are our primary means of communication, making us accessible 24/7 too! So if you’re targeting people through their mobiles whether this be through, a mobile website, an app, or on social media, you’re much more likely to attract customers. Which brings us onto our next point, most of us who own smart phones are part of some social networking platform which has dominated the world of business, and is a must in today’s modern business world. So why would you miss out on the opportunity to target people all over the world for free! Social media enables you to connect and engage with your customers, helps increase awareness of your business, which can help generate revenue by attracting new customers. So stick a couple of social media buttons leading to your business social media accounts at the top of your website, so they’re easy to find, but don’t forget to ensure they open in a new tab – the last thing you want to do is lead people away from your website. If you haven’t read our entire blog on social media, you can do so here.

Hopefully, all of the tips we have given you should have helped you to complete your spring clean, and you should now be ready for summer! Hopefully all of our tips have helped put a spring in the step of your online presence. If you need a hand planning and implementing any of the steps that we’ve recommended, we’re only a phone call away and ready to help!

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Spring Clean – Call to Action

Welcome to blog number three of how to spring clean your website! Previously we’ve talked about decluttering your website and using analytics to help you to understand your website traffic. So what’s next? In this blog, we aim to help you understand the importance of a call to action, and how to create one.

Every page on your website should be convincing your visitor to act on something, whether that be to make a call, make a direct purchase or watch a video. Your visitors aren’t thinking about what you want them to do, so put something on each page that leads them to the action you ultimately want them to take and do their thinking for them! So make sure you’re directing the user to do exactly what you want them to do, if you don’t ask you don’t get, and people aren’t mind readers!

So how do you create a great call to action? There are a number of things to bare in mind when writing your call to action, the first thing is your visitors! Think about what they want to see, what will make them call, download, or buy. You need to think about what stage of buying they will be in when they reach your content. This will make a huge difference to which call to action you need. The more relevant the call to action is to the reader, the more likely this is to turn into a sale. You need to stick to snappy language, make it short and sweet, but ensure it actively encourages them to take a journey. So this means, avoid using buttons like ‘click here’ and avoid jargon, the second your customer gets confused or bored, they will go elsewhere. Using something more exciting, like ‘Start your free trial now!’ is much more likely to be effective.

So there you have it, hopefully our advice on how to create a cracking call to action will help to liven up your emails, websites, social media, and wherever else you stick your CTA, and help to convince your customers to actually take the journey that you want them to take!

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Facebook Trend Forecast – 2015-2016

As a B2B company we primarily stick to Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ as our preferred social media pages, but that doesn’t stop us providing the thousands of businesses who use Facebook with top tips and trends.

We recently discovered that Facebook is larger than ANY TV network (10 times larger than the biggest TV channel in the world), and is also disrupting the video giant YouTube. Although we know that email is a medium that most likely will never die out, it’s clear to see that Facebook is hot on the heels of a number of traditional communication methods – could we be communicating with CEO’s and MD’s over Facebook Messenger in years to come?! An interesting thought, however for now, we are going to focus on the ‘right now’ of Facebook and find out the tips and tricks to consider for 2016.

Facebook Infographic MiniMe Marketing
Facebook is fast becoming very video dominated, so if you have a corporate video for your business, it is highly recommend that you upload it. We’re all aware of how easily (and quickly) videos go viral on Facebook, with our newsfeed’s constantly clogged with dancing cats and laughing babies – but could your business’ video go viral? Realistically, it’s not going to surpass the dancing cats, but more and more people are watching videos on Facebook due to its instant play feature, so it’s definitely worth getting your video out there.
Facebook is also becoming very image orientated, granted not as much as the likes of Instagram and Pinterest, but with 63% of its users being visual learners, it’s been shown that posts with images have 2.3 times more engagement and 70% more shares than those that don’t. So, when you’re drafting your businesses Facebook posts, throw an image or two in there, whether it’s a funny quote or even a team photo; people like pictures!
Something set to be rolled out to Facebook in the UK this year is ‘Instant Articles’. They’re fast loading articles, specifically 10 times faster than average articles and are highly engaging – people don’t like to wait, so if an article appears immediately they’re more likely to read it. Keep your eyes peeled for this new feature, as it could be the difference between followers reading your posts or ignoring them.
Another tip to make note of this year is the importance of response time. Facebook is now rewarding people with a fast response to comments or messages on their Facebook, and if you answer within a median of 5 minutes, you get a little logo to highlight your reply quickly. If you’re lucky enough to have an in-house social media team then this is definitely possible, but for many businesses, especially SME’s, replying to everything within 5 minutes is just not realistic, and it is likely that your followers wont expect this either. So, although it’s nice to be acknowledged, seeing as Facebook doesn’t penalise you for slow response time (yet) we don’t think it’s something of high priority.
As you are probably aware, organic reach is declining at a rapid rate. Organic reach is the amount of people that see or interact with your posts without paying Facebook to advertise, but unfortunately for SME’s Facebook is vastly becoming a ‘pay to play’ platform. This also means that the relevance of how many ‘likes’ your Facebook page has is dropping, because Facebook want you to pay for them to see it, something that doesn’t seem very fair especially for small businesses with minimal budget to spend on marketing, who turn to platforms like Facebook to market themselves for free.
With this in mind, it is important to take note of what the Facebook algorithm likes and dislikes, in order to tailor your posts to gain the most reach possible. We feel that there is a balance to be found between organic and paid reach, if you have a little spare budget it’s definitely worth throwing £20 on a Facebook advertisement as the results are noticeable, but when it comes to paying to boost reach on every post it’s most likely not worth it when you can turn those funds to more targeted marketing such as direct mail.

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Davenham Shortlisted for Two Awards!

North West alternative funding provider Davenham Asset Finance has been shortlisted in not one, but two categories at the prestigious Credit Today Awards 2015, emphasising even further their reputation as experts in their field.

Launched just under two years ago, the business has gone from strength to strength writing a multi-million book in this short time, expanding their office space in central Manchester, and are continuing to grow their sales and operations teams instigated by the appointment of finance entrepreneur and experienced business builder Richard Bamford to their Board.

The first category in which Davenham has been shortlisted is Asset Finance / Leasing Provider of the Year, alongside the likes of Investec and Lloyds Bank. The firm’s Risk Manager, David Atherton, has been selected as a finalist for Commercial Collector of the Year.

Both entries emphasised the partnership approach that forms part of the culture at Davenham, and has given the business a strong reputation; taking in to consideration the individual needs of our clients and introducers, and working together at all times to achieve the best solution for all involved.

Paul Burke, Chief Executive of Davenham comments: “I am extremely proud that we have been shortlisted in two categories, confirming that what we set out to achieve when we launched in 2013 – to fulfil the gap in the market for a partnership approach to providing finance – has been recognised. This is totally a team effort and every single person at Davenham is well-deserved of this recognition. We are all keeping our fingers crossed that this will translate to at least one win.”

Winners will be announced at the 16th annual Credit Today awards ceremony taking place on 14 May 2015 at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London. To view the full list of finalists for each category, click here.

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Mortgages Made Simple Expands Further

After just three years since its set up, and having moved to Birchwood Park early last year, Warrington based Mortgages Made Simple has doubled its team with the appointment of two new members of staff; Steve Fleming as Mortgage & Protection Advisor and Craig Featherstone as Mortgage & Insurance Consultant.

Following an increase in new customer enquiries, business owner, Jennifer Yates moved to Lovell House on Birchwood Park with two new employees in April 2014, however with the housing market on a continuous rise, she needed to expand her team even further to ensure that the standard of service the business offers was maintained. With a strong background in mortgage and protection advice, Steve Fleming with whom Jennifer worked alongside formerly at an Advice Centre, was the perfect candidate to fill one of the two roles at Mortgages Made Simple. Just a matter of months later, in January 2015, saw the appointment of Craig Featherstone, filling another vital role within the company following an extensive background in the mortgage and insurance market.

Steve began his career at TSB for 11 years, and then went on to specialise in life cover, mortgage and pension advice at Prudential for a further 12 years. Before his appointment at Mortgages Made Simple, he focused his expertise on mortgage and protection advice at FPM Advice Centre where he worked with Jennifer, and subsequently Ascot Mortgages in Warrington. Steve’s experience has allowed him to gain a thorough understanding and in-depth knowledge of insurance products allowing him to be able to match the right insurance cover for each individual case. Already throwing himself into the role, Steve’s first few months at Mortgages Made Simple has seen him fit right into the experienced team and maintain the high level of service provided by the business.

Delighted at his appointment, Steve comments “With so many opportunities in the market at the moment, it has been great to put my expertise to use, in order to help people save money on their mortgage. Not only that, it has been great becoming a part of the team here at Mortgages Made Simple and contributing to the rewarding work that the team achieves for clients.

To respond to the high level of demand coming into the business, just a short time after Steve’s appointment, Craig Featherstone joined the team as Mortgage & Insurance Consultant. Beginning his career at NatWest in 2001, Craig rose to the position of Mortgage Development Manager after just four years with the company. He then furthered his career becoming a mortgage broker, and in this time developed an extensive knowledge and understanding of the mortgage and insurance markets. With a dedication to offering a high level of service to each client by tailoring advice to their individual needs and circumstances, Craig was a perfect fit for the Mortgages Made Simple team.

Following his appointment, Craig tells us “Adjusting to my role here at Mortgages Made Simple has been just that – simple! As Mortgage & Insurance Consultant, it has been great to contribute to the important decisions made by our clients, and being a family man myself I have found this very rewarding. With such a high demand in the services offered by the business, I have found this role to be very exciting from the word go.”

Jennifer concludes; “It’s great to have both Steve and Craig on board, they both bring a wealth of experience from different backgrounds to enhance our offering to clients and to maintain our core ethos of a service lead approach, especially in such a busy time in the mortgage sector.”


If you would like to see where this press release has been covered please see the links below;

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