Welcome to blog number three of how to spring clean your website! Previously we’ve talked about decluttering your website and using analytics to help you to understand your website traffic. So what’s next? In this blog, we aim to help you understand the importance of a call to action, and how to create one.

Every page on your website should be convincing your visitor to act on something, whether that be to make a call, make a direct purchase or watch a video. Your visitors aren’t thinking about what you want them to do, so put something on each page that leads them to the action you ultimately want them to take and do their thinking for them! So make sure you’re directing the user to do exactly what you want them to do, if you don’t ask you don’t get, and people aren’t mind readers!

So how do you create a great call to action? There are a number of things to bare in mind when writing your call to action, the first thing is your visitors! Think about what they want to see, what will make them call, download, or buy. You need to think about what stage of buying they will be in when they reach your content. This will make a huge difference to which call to action you need. The more relevant the call to action is to the reader, the more likely this is to turn into a sale. You need to stick to snappy language, make it short and sweet, but ensure it actively encourages them to take a journey. So this means, avoid using buttons like ‘click here’ and avoid jargon, the second your customer gets confused or bored, they will go elsewhere. Using something more exciting, like ‘Start your free trial now!’ is much more likely to be effective.

So there you have it, hopefully our advice on how to create a cracking call to action will help to liven up your emails, websites, social media, and wherever else you stick your CTA, and help to convince your customers to actually take the journey that you want them to take!