In our previous blog, we talked about ways you can declutter your website as part of your spring cleaning process. Well this time, we’re talking about your websites performance, and how you can use this to your advantage.

Google Analytics is a great way to see what is working for your website. It can tell you where your traffic comes from, and the pages they go to. For example, having strong “type-in traffic” figures shows that your brand is doing well. This means that the visitor directly types in your URL, rather than finding you while searching for a certain product or service that you provide, and coming across you by accident. If your sites organic traffic, which means the traffic that is unpaid for, is lacking, you should consider making your website more visible to search engines. Adding content regularly such as blog or bits of news is a great way to rank higher in search results, as well as including social media feeds. (If you’re yet to be convinced to invest in social media activity, we suggest checking out our social media blog). Analytics is a great way to understand your visitors, and improve your website and marketing methods based on this. For example, as we mentioned before, if your bounce rate is low, we have to ask why? Do you have a video on your landing page that people are going to watch and then leave? Could this be the reason for your high bounce rate? If so, you need a tracker, to find out what your visitors are doing once they land on your page. If they are watching the video before leaving the website, this will bring your bounce rate down, giving you more accurate results.

How can we help?
We can take a look at your entire website from a visual, technical and aesthetic point of view, including your analytics and see where we think you need to go from there. We can do a full website review, to tell you what we think needs to change, be updated or refreshed. We analyse the positives and negatives of your website, in terms of SEO, content, design and give you our suggestions of ways you could increase traffic to your website, or just renew your website completely! Whether it’s leads or a ‘wow’ effect you want to get from your website, we take into consideration your aims and goals online, to provide a comprehensive report to help you get to where you want to be. You can find out more about how we can help here.