The arrival of spring, usually brings warm weather and lots of spring cleaning. This year, it’s not quite managed to bring the warm weather, but we’re getting there (sort of). However, it could certainly be the perfect time to spring clean your website, in preparation for the busy year ahead so we’ve thrown together a series of blogs on how to revamp your website. Here’s the first one, but keep your eye out for more tips from us over the next few weeks.

A simple website means that your visitors can navigate easily to find what they want. You don’t want a cluttered website, with too much text for your visitors to read, making it difficult for them to find what they’re looking for. Keep it short, sweet and simple. to ensure it’s user friendly and your bounce rates stay low. This could mean a whole new design, or just moving a few things round and reducing the amount of unnecessary content that’s on your website.

Google wants your website to have substantial relevant content, pages with over 100 words of body copy are classified as ‘some content’. Whereas pages with over 1,000 words of body are classified as ‘substantial content’. Now this doesn’t mean every page needs to have over 1,000 words, you don’t want excessive text, but you should ensure you include an appropriate amount of substance as part of an effective SEO strategy. You only have a matter of seconds to attract the user’s attention, so make your content count!

So there you have it, hopefully the first of our tips above will help you put a spring in the step of your online presence, keep your eye out for more blogs like this one and in the mean-time, if you need a hand when it comes to updating your website, we’re only a phone call away! Contact us here.