Yes, people do still want marketing materials like brochures and leaflets, it’s something tangible for your businesses growth. A hard copy of something such as a flyer to hand out to potential clients is ideal to grab their attention even if they don’t have time to stop and talk, the copy on your marketing materials can do the talking for you and hopefully generate interest! Having a hard copy of something also means that it will stay with clients, unlike an email or Tweet that can easily be ignored, deleted or scrolled past. A brochure is a brilliant marketing tool, which can hold all of the essential information about your business in just a couple of pages. Not only that, by making it aesthetically pleasing and consistent with your brand image, it is something that can attract the attention of a client amongst the junk mail in their letter box. By creating an effective and captivating brochure or leaflet, it is something that will generate a great amount of marketing and business on its own without any aid or interference from you, thus allowing you to focus your time on other aspects of your business.

If you are holding a promotional event, you may also want unique or bespoke marketing materials such as mugs, key ring’s, pens or desk planners, as a little something extra to hand out to potential clients. It is possible that a piece of paper could be thrown away, but people can never have enough pens in their office! The team here at MiniMe Marketing & PR Consultancy can help you to design these marketing materials in order to target and attract your audience.