If you’re working hard to produce good, useful content for your audience, you’ve got your name out there on social media and your website traffic is growing, but no one is buying your products or services, you’ve got to ask yourself – why?

Your good content is pointless if you’re not generating any leads from it. If you want to create content that’s worth your while, and actually converts, you need to know your audience, and fully engage them with your content.

The success of your business is based upon how you meet the needs of your target audience. If you can do this effectively then you will succeed, as long as you have good content. Any business strategy must start with your audience, and end with your audience, and this should be no different when you write your content. You should always bare your customers in mind. Many people who market their business make the mistake of creating content for themselves, almost. For example, we could write about the art of writing, but this would not get us any new clients, nor would it engage any existing ones. However, our clients are interested in how we can help them, and how they could grow their business; hence this blog!

Get to Know Your Audience.
But to be able to write content for your audience, you’ve got to know a sufficient amount of information about them.

  • What makes them happy?
  • What are their needs?
  • What are their values?
  • What are their preferences?

But how can you learn these things about your clients? There are a number of ways you could do this. You can look at forums relevant to your niche, create a survey on your website and invite your visitors to fill it out, attend events that are relevant to you, do anything that you can to really get to know your audience.

Build Strong Working Relationships on Social Media.
In order to ensure that your content converts, you must build a relationship with your customers on social media. Target the followers that are relevant to you, send them a message when they follow you, thank them for following you, and offer them your advice. Try to keep your relationship with your audience alive by liking their content and engaging with them regularly. You need to include social proof on social media, so include testimonials. Tell your followers how you’ve helped others with your services, and why you’re better than others businesses like yours. When you’re providing your followers with good content and advice regularly, you’re helping them out a lot, so it’s okay to ask for a sale on social media. Ensure that you always include a call to action in your content, otherwise it is not going to convert to a phone call or an email. And finally, ensure that you have a list of FAQ’s with answers to possible questions that they could ask if they do call you. Don’t be put on the spot, make sure that you’re prepared to convert your callers 24/7!

The more relevant and useful the information that your feeding through to your audience, the more engaged and hungry they will be, and more importantly, the more they will trust you. Pick interesting topics that are going to help your audience, after doing your research you should have a clear idea of what their needs are, and you need to focus on how you can fulfil them.

So there you have it, we hope that this has given you all that you need to produce better content for your clients, that actually converts. Don’t forget, be familiar, be useful, be honest. If you need any help with writing content, whether it be for emails, social media or even for your website, MiniMe Marketing can help. Get in touch today.