What is a brand identity? Creating a brand identity isn’t the easiest task when it comes to marketing your company, however it is one of most beneficial things you can do when it comes to your online presence. One social media platform that is currently gaining thousands of new users every day is Instagram, and you can use this increased audience to your advantage if you know how to optimise it for your benefit.

Instagram is a social media platform just like Facebook or Twitter, but is directly driven by using image posts instead of text-based posts. This simplifies the posts that users can upload, and can be a refreshing change of content for both your company and audience. The vital step that people often miss, is considering a consistent theme throughout your Instagram posts. Although it seems simple, the use of consistent colour schemes, watermarks and font-base can have a huge impact on what people think when they view your posts. For example, MiniMe Marketing would create a strong brand identity by using our logo and colour scheme, or using the logo as a watermark on each image. Soon enough people will begin to recognise your posts via this theme, and eventually have an image of your company in their minds. A good example of strong brand identity through Instagram is Coca Cola; using their house colour and original font base in 90% of their posts seems like common sense, however viewers will think back to the Coca Cola posts they’ve seen anytime they see a similar colour or font.

Another valuable point of marketing through Instagram, is a set of key features that are easily accessible to all the social media’s users. Hashtags play a great part when posting on Instagram, providing users a way to describe their image as well as looking at other posts with similar content. Hashtags can be used in both informal and formal manors, you can use them to describe what is in the image, or you can upload a post with business specific hashtags, for example; #B2BHour, or #ManchesterHour. Like Twitter, a lot of users will search specific hashtags to get exactly what they are looking for, however Instagram won’t limit the number of hashtags you can add to a post, therefore you can increase the number of users your content will reach.

Instagram will also let you create a business account instead of a personal account, which is a new feature. The accounts both work in the same way when it comes to posting content, however a business account will let you add a direct link, a direct contact from the app, and even allow you to sell products directly through the platform. This will make visiting your site and contacting you directly a lot more accessible and in turn should increase the scale of your audience, in addition to any potential leads.

The idea of an image driven social media platform was introduced by Instagram, but now more and more social media sites are introducing image based content, simply because it is so easy to take photo’s whenever and wherever we are and upload them within a matter of seconds and most people prefer to look and watch rather than read!

Following these simple steps, can be a great benefit to your company’s social media presence and can eventually build up a strong brand identity. Don’t forget to use a consistent theme, app specific features, and a business account to make it as simple as possible for people to get on board with your company! We hope this blog gets you on your way to utilising Instagram for your business, but if you need any further help with social media marketing, give us a call on 01925 693651.