You hear it all the time, but it’s true; if your business isn’t on social media and updating regularly, you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities. So why ignore the massive opportunity that many of your competitors are taking advantage of? Millions of people from all over the world are on the internet. There are currently 1.44 billion monthly active Facebook users worldwide and over 31 million in the UK alone. Like Facebook, twitter also has many active users in the UK at 15 million, with over 400 million tweets sent daily and you can advertise to all of them, free of charge! Surely it’s a no brainer?

How-to-Optimize-Social-Media-Posts-That-Get-the-ClicksAs a business owner, you want your business to get as much exposure as possible, and become more visible to your target audience. This is easily done through social media. You can access thousands of potential clients simply through being online and interacting with them. Social media takes up a lot of people’s time (whether they like to admit it or not) so why not take the opportunity and put yourself out there to everyone who uses it? It is also an amazing way of building your brand image. Put simply; making yourself look good! Creating your unique image and style that sticks in the customer’s mind, using a consistent theme to advertise your business. Having a good, friendly online presence online helps to attract and retain loyal customers.

We’re gonna say it, the L word… LEADS! Done right, social media can generate leads for your business. Word of mouth is a powerful concept of social media; people trust in the opinion of their fellow social networkers. If you make your customers happy, new clients will find their way to you because believe it or not; a lot of people search for things that they need online, especially based on reviews and opinions of others. So get bragging about how great you are, and make sure others are too!

Contacting your clients is important. Keeping in touch with them on social media makes them feel special, as you’re contacting them on a personal level. Tweeting a client or another business that you’ve met with is really useful, for both them and you. It attracts attention to your brand, and gives a great impression to the rest of your followers and makes them keen to do business with you or continue to do so. Simple as that.

You probably didn’t know this one, but the more active you are on social networking sites, the more it can help boost your website’s SEO! It’s a form of link building, which means getting external pages to link to a page your website. This will help you rank higher on the likes of Google when people are searching for a business like yours.

And finally, as if we haven’t mentioned this enough… it’s FREE! So get your business out there on social media and get interacting with your clients, we guarantee it will make them feel ‘egg-stra’ special and your business look ‘eggcellent’ online. For any information on how we can help you get your business thriving with social media marketing, get in touch!