An event is often a great way to network and meet new potential clients for your business, or to market your business to a local community. Sometimes, holding an event such as a Christmas party can be great for internal team building and if it’s done right, can create a really great impression on your employees if you go the extra mile to reward them at the end of the year. An event such as a seminar can also benefit your business, not only through communicating a wealth of knowledge in your industry, but can also work simultaneously as an advertisement of your business.

If you have a big event you want to throw, whether it is a seminar, client event, networking event or even a Christmas party, we can take care of all aspects of the event to ensure that it runs smoothly and professionally, and also creates the best impression possible on the people in attendance. The team at MiniMe Marketing & PR Consultancy can work from the outset to make the event possible, starting with finding a venue and designing and issuing out the invitations, to putting together presentations to show and designing marketing materials to hand out on the day.