Over the past 12 months, it’s become increasingly difficult to avoid an encounter with the brightly coloured symbols otherwise known as ‘emoji’s’ as they filter into conversations on social media, and work their way into our social consciousness. Sometimes met with an eye-roll (there’s now an emoji for that) there is no doubt that the increasing popularity of ‘the world’s first global language’ is something that you and your business need to think about.

Whether your followers are Generation Z digital whizz-kids or slightly technophobic silver surfers, it is clear that social media users are either already using emoji’s as a tool to communicate, or if not, can pick up their usage quickly. That’s the great thing about emoji’s – they are universal; transcending geography, language, age, gender, and literacy levels – giving you greater opportunities to connect with a potentially larger market.

So, how can you use emoji’s in business to engage your followers?

  • They can help businesses to simplify engagement – a picture is worth a thousand words (or 140 characters). Using an emoji response can be a quick and extremely valuable way of carrying out a quick ‘pulse check’ of customer satisfaction, or as a market research tool to help with the planning of a new service or product. We think Domino’s Pizza are a great example of simplifying their customer experience, by enabling their customers to order a pizza by simply using a ‘pizza slice’ emoji.
  • They are a great way to showcase your business’ ‘personality’ – a strategically placed ‘smiley face’ or ‘dancing girl’ here and there can work wonders in helping your organisation to appear fun or customer-friendly and engage with your followers. Larger corporations such as Goldman Sachs have surprised their followers in using emoji-loaded tweets to share business information, revealing an unexpected side to their traditionally conservative image
  • Getting creative with emoji’s – a great example of this was Bud Light’s Emoji 4th July US flag can lead to increased shares and attention to your profile. Using emoji’s can help you to capture an emotion to help convey brand messages and reinforce company values, giving information whilst keeping attention.


So unleash your emoji’s and give them a try on your next social media post, and join the conversation using the ‘world’s fastest growing language’, after all, the ‘crying laughing’ emoji was Oxford Dictionary’s ‘Word of the Year’ (yes, really).