MiniMe Marketing Direct Mail Stats 2Direct marketing enables you to target and make direct contact with specific or particular groups of people to promote your business. Collating a specific database of contacts is integral to an effective direct marketing campaign, and if you already have a substantial database but aren’t doing anything with it, you could be sitting on a gold mine! MiniMe Marketing & PR Consultancy help you to take full advantage of your database to ensure that all of your direct marketing campaigns are going to a specific target audience. We can also help you to identify and reach new customers for your business through direct marketing.

If you are a small business, this also allows you to focus potentially limited marketing resources on areas that are the most likely to get results, as you are taking a direct approach to the exact people you want to target. This can be a much more efficient method of marketing for the SME market, as marketing funds aren’t being wasted on potential dead ends, as all of your marketing campaigns and materials are going to the exact people you want them to go to. We can design e-shot templates to go out to these target audiences, and also write captivating copy to feature on direct mail campaigns to get your important information out there.