Many of you will be looking to better your business in some way or another in 2017. Marketing is essential to improving your business, so we’re going to help you – with a series of blogs that will help you identify ways that you can implement simple marketing techniques, without putting a hole in your pocket. So, without further ado, check out our first 3 top tips for improving your digital marketing efforts!


Facebook advertising

Facebook allows you to spend as little as £3 on advertising, but even with this small budget, you can reach thousands of people that match incredibly specific criteria. Unlike AdWords, Facebook ads are targeted to the users specific interests rather than words that they’re searching for, which means the target audience you have access to when you set up your criteria is really impressive. For example, you could search for people who are have pets and regularly buy online, or for users between the ages of 18-20 that are interested in health and fitness. This targeting feature is what makes Facebook advertising really worth while.


Blog more!

This is a great one. Why? Because it’s free! Obviously it will cost you your time, but it’s a great marketing technique that can make a big difference. You may think that writing blogs is useless, because it doesn’t get you any leads or sales, or not directly at least. But that’s where you’re wrong! Think of it this way, would you just ask a stranger off the street to marry you without knowing who they are and what they’re about? No, you get to know them first. This is very much the same way that getting to know your target audience works, or at least letting them get to know you. If you’re reaching out, and offering useful help and advice in the form of blogs, they will really get to know about your expertise, and will start to trust you, thus building in customer relationships and resulting in sales. So be that useful source of information that your target audience look to, and write with them in mind.


Publish posts on LinkedIn

If you’re taking our last tip into consideration, go that little step further and publish your blogs on LinkedIn as well as on your website. It’s a simple copy and paste job, but many more people will see your article this way. Each time you post a blog, your connections will get a notification that you’ve published an article, meaning more people will read it, which may just be the prompt some people need to get in touch.


So there you have it, 3 steps you can take now to improve your marketing techniques and overall improve business performance. Don’t forget, this is the first of more to come – so keep your eyes out for the next blog coming at the end of January with more digital marketing hints and tips, and if you need our support in implementing the above, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team on 01925 963 651.