A lot of companies offer amazing services or products, yet there awards shelf remains bare, collecting dust. Why is that? A lot of people don’t even realise the amount of awards a business can be eligible for, whether they’re local or national, and some of them are even free. A free opportunity to gain recognition for your business? That’s something that should be snapped up. However, even if you are aware of all the awards your business could be winning, there’s one thing that often stands in the way – time.

Drafting awards entries can be incredibly time consuming, and often, businesses don’t have the time, resources or number of staff to dedicate to writing a long awards entry. Surely that doesn’t mean you should miss out on winning? We think the best option is to have your awards entries left in the capable hands of a marketing team. From the first draft to the supporting material, it can all be tied together neatly and sent off without consuming time that should be focused on essential tasks within your business.

We know that applying for every award in a local area isn’t something that would be high on a list of priorities, but many people don’t realise how much credibility and business it can gain. Even by being shortlisted, your business will receive a logo to feature on your website, business card and not to forget the media coverage and press release opportunities that will arise from it. Therefore, if you leave them to be written by a trusty marketing consultant, all you have to worry about is getting your suit and tie ready, and writing your acceptance speech.